Children Create the Future of Asia Studyo Tiga contributes to the future with Asian children marketing.

Direct Approach to Children in Asia

Our mission is "to contribute to the improvement in the quality of education in Asia".
We have issued the Asian Elementary Times in Southeast Asia. The newspaper has been distributed free to more than 3,000 elementary schools in 3 countries; Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. We also distribute “notebooks”, sponsored by companies, for free at elementary schools in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. Utilizing our strength of the school network, we have supported global companies in the child care industry to entry in Southeast Asia.

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Asian Children Market is Now Growing

Grow your business by reaching Asian kids in the fastest-growing market.

There is a significant rise in the Asian market, supported by population increase and continuous GDP growth. The more Asian market grows, the more parents can afford for their children, just like Japan in the 1960s. The total market size of ASEAN countries is expected to go up to 108 billion dollars and that will overtake Japanese's within 10 years. On the other hand, the aging population and declining birth rate in Japan, the children market is going to reach the peak in the near future. Therefore, many of their business see their future in Southeast Asia.


We carry out the children's marketing plan fitting on your company through over 3,000 elementary school network.

  • Survey

    Handling a questionnaire to elementary school students and their guardians.

  • Group

    Planning a kid's or parents' group discussion to seek customers’ demands.

  • Product

    Distributing product samples to potential customers.

  • Media Ads

    Placing your ad in our elementary newspaper and free-notebook.

  • Event

    Planning and managing events attracting customers.

Why We Can

We have "A long-term relationship between local staff and teachers" through the distribution ofASIAN ELEMENTARY TIMES and FREE NOTE
to them for free.

①The Strong Bond with Schools

We offer advanced educational contents to them for free. Our strength is the strong relationship with teachers through the print media distribution.

②Experienced and knowledgeable staff with local culture and business

We have been running a business since 2013. Clients can take advantage of our experiences with local regulations and business manner in the culture.


There are various customers looking to expand Asia or those who expanding Asia further.
We propose your solutions accordingly to your situations and demands.


Game Event

Area Indonesia

About A training session and a game event of toys was held by TAKARA TOMY and ANIMAL WHEELS.

CODA(Content Overseas Distribution Association)

A Seminar for Teachers

Area Indonesia

About A seminar was held to enlighten 15 teachers each from four schools on copyrights.


Company Manga Presentation Ceremony

Area Indonesia

About Original manga book about Nichiban products were donated to 1,000 elementary schools, with the donation ceremony.


Distribution of Products and Flyers

Area Thailand

About The products and flyers about dental cares were distributed to 22 elementary schools.


Display Posters of Traffic Manners

Area Indonesia

About Educational posters “EduPos” were distributed to 1,800 elementary schools.


Advertising Development

Area Indonesia

About Products ad manga was published on the elementary newspaper.